MIVIC members


Sokratis Makrogiannis, Ph.D. Research areas: image analysis and machine learning with applications to biomedicine and computer vision.

Ph.D. candidates

Azubuike Okorie. Research topic: model-based segmentation, image registration.

Chelsea E. Harris. Research topic: machine (deep) learning, biomedical image classification and analysis.

Saujanya Anasamudram, Research topic: cell tracking and quantification, machine learning.

B.Sc. Students

Yu Bai (Fall 2018). Research topic: deep networks and deep learning techniques.

Samuel Awidi (Summer 2018). Research topic: tissue Identification and quantification techniques for body composition imaging.

Rahul Patel (Summer 2017). Research topic: tissue identification and quantification techniques for body composition imaging.

Sammy Eyong (Summer 2016). Research topic: study and comparison of tissue segmentation and quantification methods for clinical studies.


Keni Zheng. Ph.D. in Mathematics and Physics (Spring 2018). Research topic: pattern classification and machine learning for CAD systems.

Fatima Boukari. Ph.D. in Mathematics and Physics (Spring 2017). Research topic: automated cell segmentation and tracking.

Taposh Biswas, M.Sc. in Optics (Spring 2019). Research topic: tissue identification, quantification, and characterization.

hana Brown, M.Sc. in Applied Math (Spring 2016). Research topic: graph-theoretic image analysis techniques.

Chao Zhang, M.Sc. in Applied Math (Spring 2015). Research topic: graph-theoretic techniques in image analysis.