Live Cell Segmentation and Tracking Techniques

TitleLive Cell Segmentation and Tracking Techniques
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsWang, Y, Williams, O, Annasamudram, N, Makrogiannis, S
EditorZhou, EAlfy Georg
Book TitleIntelligent Video Analytics: Clustering and Classification Applications
PublisherCRC Press

The topic of this chapter is automated segmentation and tracking of live cells in time-lapse microscopy. Such techniques enable the computation of static and dynamic cell characteristics, and have found significant applications in the fields of biomedicine and life sciences. Here, we survey the main categories of automated cell segmentation and tracking methodologies, and report recent developments in this field. We also describe in detail a tracking-by-detection technique. We present segmentation and tracking results on live cell imaging sequences and discuss the strengths and areas of improvement of the described approaches.